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MT General Contractor
Vista, CA 92083
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We provide complete removal/clean up services for commercial and industrial buildings of all sizes, from office suites and restaurants to industrial park and retail complexes in San Diego, North County and Orange County California.

We will return your building or commercial space back to shell condition (White box/Vanilla shell), so it is lease-ready, or with all custom improvements removed at the end of a lease.

Our high standards assure that we will complete the job in a timely manner to your specifications, with no call-backs necessary. Clean and lease-ready, your space will rent much faster! Our services include:

  • Making your building lease-ready (vanilla shell/white box)
  • Returning commercial space to 'shell condition'
  • Ceilings, floors, interior walls, lighting, plumbing, electrical outlets, elevators, rest rooms, HVAC
  • Safe-off electrical and plumbing

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